Total Concept Training

Total Concept Training

  • $75.00

Dec 6, 13, 20
2010-2006 (Co-Ed) - 5pm-6pm
2005-2001 (Co-Ed) - 6pm-7pm

Class Description
Our Total Concept Training classes are designed and built by Director of Coaching, Luis Mendoza and Academy Director, Lee Bakewell. 

Total Concept Training will provide players with intense 60 minute sessions combining four stations and rotation of players through each station.

Station 1: Ball Mastery and Control
Every player will work with their own ball to master individual techniques, ball control, skills and turns to improve confidence and control over the ball.  The station will be utilized to inject intensity and competition to work under pressure and at game related speed.

Station 2: Shooting & Finishing
Repetition is key to technique and the ability to create and finish chances is an art-form.  This station will refine a variety of shooting and finishing techniques under pressure, looking to replicate game type situations to improve decision-making and fundamental techniques.

Station 3: Attack vs Defense
Game Related and Transitional Situations are key elements to understanding the game at every level.  This station will place players in an environment where they will be utilizing their skill under pressure on both sides of the ball.

Station 4: Small-Sided Street Soccer Games
Free play without instruction is a vital element to players loving and learning the game.  Players will be placed into teams in small-sided formats and allowed to play without instruction.

Total Concept Training Classes will be open to all players (both Academy and Non-Academy), boys and girls. 

If you have any questions on the suitability of your child for this class please contact Mateo Restrepo, Academy Coach at or Lee Bakewell, Academy Director at