Striker/Keeper Clinic

  • $100.00

Dec 3, 10, 17
2004-2000 (Co-Ed) - 8pm-9:30pm

Days: Thursdays
Date: Dec 6, 13, 20
2010-2008 (Co-Ed) - 5pm-6pm
2007-2005 (Co-Ed) - 6pm-7pm


Class Description
TSF Academy Striker/Keeper Clinic will incorporate position specific training for both the Goalkeeper and Forwards.

Goalkeepers and Strikers have the ability to change games and are some of the most specialized positions in the modern game. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to improve as a player in the off season.

The hardest job in soccer is scoring goals. The striker clinic places players in different scenarios and challenging exercises so they can learn to excel when it comes to game day. Our academy coaches will focus on the technical and tactical elements of finishing, along with reading the game and getting in goal scoring positions.

The goalkeeper is one of the most specialized positions in the modern game, no longer just there to prevent goals, goalkeepers are now a vital cog in initiating the attack. The Goalkeeper clinic sets out to improve keepers in their mobility, reading of the game, shot-stopping, handling, footwork, crosses, distribution and diving. This clinic is also an ideal environment to get repetitions, build confidence, and learn how to effectively communicate.

If you have any questions on the suitability of your child for this class please contact Mateo Restrepo, Academy Coach at or Lee Bakewell, Academy Director at