Junior Academy Free Clinic

Junior Academy Free Clinic

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Date(s): Monday August 26th
2012-2015 (5pm-6pm)

Location: The Sports Factory (175 Beaverbrook Road, Lincoln Park)

Experience the benefits of our new and improved Junior Academy program this Summer, before its opening in September. 

This Fall, we’re completely reinventing the program. Training groups will be formed with a focus on improving players ball manipulation, motor skills and creativity. 

COACHING –  Coaching will be conducted by TSF Academy coaches, with a consistent curriculum to ensure that all players receive the same high level of training. Our carefully selected coaches have the disposition and skills to guide our young players. Within the curriculum, individual coaches will be able to customize training sessions and exercises to each player’s needs. 

EVALUATIONS – An open line of communication between coach and parent will be integral to the Junior Academy program. We want you to be able to ask questions and get answers regarding your child’s development. We understand that stepping in to the ever-changing landscape of youth soccer is a difficult decision for any parent, and we want to make it as easy as possible. 

TECHNICAL TRAINING – Our training will focus on the technical aspects of the game, that are so often overlooked in coaching. Players will be taught basic skills, turns and ball control before being challenged to perform the under pressure. We aim to create situations that challenge players, aiming to build confidence and creativity on the ball. There will be distinct progression for each age group and sometimes within the same age group as well. 

COST – The program will be offered free of charge for the Fall and Spring seasons. There will be optional Summer and Winter programs for a fee. Players will also be required to purchase uniform at a nominal fee.